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Our music friends

The Sweet

This is the world of The Sweet, the kings of the seventies with the slashing guitars, rebel yell lyrics, endless number of hits, feverishly high-pitched vocals and harmonies, double time drumming, outrageous glam costumes, make-up, pumpin’ Marshalls, phenomenal live shows made by 4 brilliant musicians, composers, individuals and performers.


Formed in early 1972 by Brian Gibson (drums), Brian Johnson (lead vocsls), Tom Hill (bass guitar) and Vic Malcolm (lead guitar)and comprising four seasoned pros from the local club circuit in the North East of England, it didn’t take the band long to realise their aspirations lay far beyond their geographical location.

Weapon UK

Weapon were formed in March 1980 by Vocalist Danny Hynes & Guitarist Jeff Summers. After a couple of gigs they replaced the original rhythm section, bringing in a couple of their friends, bassist Baz Downes & drummer Bruce Bisland.

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