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Sweetlife is located in the Copenhagen area of Denmark and offers all kinds of IT solutions, Internet Marketing Services, IT Management, IT Problem Solving, Web design, Data management and IT Consulting for small business's or private.


IT Consulting

If you need a professional opinion on an IT matter, guidance, help, support, advice or assistance, we can probably help you.

IT Technology

Basic Software, Operating systems, Industry Software, Customized software solutions, Digital Marketing, Hardware, IT training & certifications, IT management consulting, Network Solutions, Outsourcing, Security, System Integrators, Problem solving, Data migration, Internet, Cloud Services, Web design etc.

Rent an IT Manager

Please feel free to ask us anything, perhaps we can help you out or lead you in the right direction. If we can't help you it's of course free of charge but let us give it a try, you might be surprised.
Business Areas


Basic Software: Operating systems, middleware and database software.

Industry Software: Customized software solutions to handle a specific task.

Business Intelligence: Software tools for analysis of financial data and the relationship between customers and suppliers.

CMS suppliers: Content Management Systems (CMS), which controls the content and structure of corporate Internet, intranet and extranet.

CRM vendors: Support corporate customer service and customer dialogue, Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Digital marketing: Solutions and advice on digital marketing. This includes web development, usability, digital information systems, payment solutions, ad serving, search technology, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), direct mail and mobile commerce.

E-learning and courses: Webbased and computer-based learning, the use of virtual classrooms and other digital collaboration tools for learning and teaching.

EDH- & EDM: Electronic Document Handling (EDH) and electronic document management (EDM) which ensures that businesses and government agencies can post, archive and manage all the documents electronically.

ERP vendors: Administrative IT systems that support the business processes in areas such as sales, purchasing, logistics, production, finance and personnel.

Hardware: Hardware for commercial use, personal use or entertainment.

IT training & certifications: Competence in IT in order to improve the participants' skill level and possibly to obtain certification.

Management: IT management consulting from a business angle.

Network: Network Solutions by companies and public institutions like local area networks, IP telephony.

Outsourcing, hosting and operation: Maintain / operate IT systems, cloud computing, web hosting, server hosting, operating hardware, web hosting and domain management.

Security: Hardware and software to increase IT security, for example spam filters, firewalls or antivirus software.

System Integrators: Integration of IT products - databases, CRM, external systems, etc.

Data Management: Data washing, quality, cleansing, identifying duplicates, interface, migration etc.

Data Security

Sweetlife is aligned with the EU General Data Protection Regulation as per May 25th, 2018.

This is your guarantee for the safety of any personal data being handled, used or stored by Sweetlife.

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You are welcome anytime to have a copy of your personal data we have or you have the right to be completely deleted in our databases.

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