Geordie was a British glam rock band formed in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1972. The band gained popularity in the 1970s and is best known for being the original band of the legendary singer Brian Johnson, who later became the lead vocalist of AC/DC. Geordie's music was influenced by the glam rock movement of the early 1970s, characterized by catchy melodies, flashy outfits, and a glamorously theatrical stage presence. Their music often featured a blend of hard rock and glam rock elements. One of their most famous songs is "All Because of You," which was a hit in the UK in 1973. They also had other notable tracks like "Can You Do It," "Electric Lady," and "She's a Teaser." Geordie's career had a significant impact in their homeland, and they enjoyed a loyal following. Geordie may have been short-lived, but their impact on the rock music scene cannot be underestimated. They remain a beloved part of Newcastle’s musical heritage, and the band of today continues to inspire new generations of fans by making new music and touring. Geordie are still here!