Formed in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1972, Geordie was a prominent British glam rock band of the 1970s. They are famed as the original band of legendary singer Brian Johnson before he joined AC/DC. Influenced by early 1970s glam rock, Geordie combined hard rock with glam elements, known for hits like “All Because of You” and other tracks such as “Can You Do It,” “Electric Lady,” and “She’s a Teaser.” Despite their brief initial run, Geordie left a lasting mark on rock music and remains an integral part of Newcastle’s musical history. Today, they continue to make new music and tour, inspiring a new generation of fans.


Discover the captivating legacy of Sweet, a band that defined the 70s music scene with their unparalleled fusion of rock, glam, and pop. Renowned for chart-topping classics such as “Ballroom Blitz” and “Fox on the Run,” Sweet remains a cherished household name, enthralling audiences globally with their electrifying live shows and timeless melodies. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to their sound, explore the magic of Sweet on this official fan site, where their music continues to resonate, leaving an insatiable craving for more.

Blue Belles

Blue Belles is a dynamic quartet featuring vocalists Miriam Mandipira and Lea Thorlann, pianist Mads Søndergaard, and saxophonist Nis Toxværd. With years of experience under their belts, these two singers, a grand piano, and a saxophone don’t hold back—they give it their all! Each member contributes their unique personality and strength, creating a rich tapestry of timbres that coalesce into an intense experience that delights, seduces, and touches the soul. They navigate the genres of soul, blues, and gospel with ease, offering interpretations of both well-known and obscure songs, as well as their own original compositions, all infused with a hearty dose of joy and humor.

Memory Lane

Prepare yourselves for an unparalleled musical adventure, as “Memory Lane” is set to redefine your love for rock music. Stay tuned to our social media channels, website, and your favorite music platforms for updates that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Get ready to experience the magic of rock like never before. Fasten your seatbelts, music aficionados! “Memory Lane” is about to take you on an 80’s ride you won’t ever forget


SilverGlam is a Danish glamrock band from Copenhagen and they simply just love the seventies. Their mission is to take you back and give you the possibility to listen to how glamrock would have sounded today. We are extremely proud to be their internet partner.